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As an organisation that was developed by Real Estate agents for real estate agents, RE/MAX has a culture that empowers all members. As a RE/MAX real estate agent, property manager or administrator, you'll have the opportunity to map out your own career path and be provided with the training and support to achieve your goals.

Along the way, you'll also have the flexibility to market yourself as a real estate professional and invest in your own personal branding. The RE/MAX business model is one that truly appreciates and rewards individuality. If you seek the membership benefits of a major real estate organisation, yet still wish to have full control of your career then you have come to right place.

Whether you are an established real estate agent or new to the business, RE/MAX Australia can provide you with the tools and training to succeed in the competitive real estate industry. With unlimited opportunity to access the proven strategies of the world's best educators and agents operating in over 90 countries around the world, you can be in the driving seat of your learning and, ultimately, your career.

The growth of the RE/MAX brand over the last 40 years is testament to the success of our innovative business model which puts salespeople first. RE/MAX agents have a transparent career path. A unique program to develop sales people into real estate professionals, ultimately in business for themselves, not by themselves. At RE/MAX you will have the opportunity to satisfy your ambition, develop your entrepreneurial spirit and build an independent and very profitable business, based on a concept that has been tried and tested for over 30 years.

At RE/MAX it's all about you and your success:

Be in business for yourself but not by yourself

Choose your lifestyle and take control of your family time without the restraints you have now

Choice of commission options - From traditional splits through to the ability to earn up to 92%

No farming area restrictions

Individual marketing freedom

Personal email address and your own website

Personal direct phone line and number

Members only internet support sites

The best trainers from around the world, local and national training events, online international training and a network of knowledge no other real estate group can match.

Design Centre - print and online marketing templates

Iconic & International branding presence and more.

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