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REMAX is Hiring - Real Estate Rockstars Wanted Now


                                                                             REAL ESTATE ROCK STARS WANTED!

Is this you?

*Confident and successful in your sales career and skills as a negotiator? *Have the ability to treat what you do as a business career, but also realise your personal and family life is just as important? *Hit the commission ceiling available to you in your office or even worse, have to start your targets from scratch each year? *Understand that that "loyalty" you have to your office or principal has a price tag attached to it in most cases? *Losing more than 8% in franchise fees from your commissions? *Fully licenced real estate agent or want to upgrade from your sales certificate? *Want 100% of your listing enquiry to be directed straight to you? ie personal office numbers, email enquiry, personal signage, personal database management, walk in enquiry and personalised individual marketing options plus much more *Would love your own private office? - 2 currently available *Looking for the opportunity to build your own team, and extra income stream, when and if you want to? (RE/MAX encourages the team concept. We embrace the concept of a Team Leader and Team Members working under your umbrella. Truly encouraging the associate to be in business FOR themselves, but not BY themselves.) *Would thrive with a company that offers local support with the backing of a truly global network, exposure and the opportunity to refer and receive business worldwide from over 95 countries and more than 93,000 agents? *Want world class training available to you 24/7 plus opportunities to receive personal training regionally AND overseas? *Want to build your own personal profile - not someone else's? RE/MAX has been THE game changer in allowing and encouraging agents to promote themselves, forcing traditional franchises to recognise the role of their agents in their businesses. *Would love the opportunity to dictate your own workload, strategy and focus with the support of the office broker, administrative staff and RE/MAX Australia? *Want the option to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself? *Want to earn a commission unrivalled in the Gladstone market AND be able to achieve amazing tax deductions for your out of pocket expenses? Can you currently claim any portion of the commission your principal takes from you?

The RE/MAX system is designed to accommodate the real estate industry's top-performing agents. RE/MAX agents are able to earn the maximum percentage of commission per sale, rather than just only being able to settling with the traditional 50/50 split which is offered by most real estate groups. RE/MAX offers you ALL commission options - and much higher splits. If you've truthfully answered "YES" to even three of these questions about yourself, I'd love to speak with you. You'll be amazed to hear the truth about RE/MAX rather than the myths fed to you by those who think they know what we're all about, or, let their opportunity go.

You're in the business of selling real estate. I'm in the business of giving agents the opportunity to be the best they can be, earn the best income they can and offer the flexibility to be in control of their career. Some get it, some don't, and some think they can do it better or differently. I'm looking for the ones who get it and want it. For a completely confidential discussion about what RE/MAX can offer you, your family and your career, contact Shane McLeod on 0413331945 or email

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