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Why RE/MAX Agents are a cut above the rest

RE/MAX agents in Australia have a huge advantage within the industry. Not only do they have the flexibility to market themselves as they fit, they are not tied down to the same constraints and regulations of other real estate brands.

Do it your way

Our salespeople have the opportunity to dictate their own workload, strategy and focus with the support of their office's broker/owner, administrative staff and RE/MAX Australia. With RE/MAX you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The RE/MAX system is based on attracting the real estate industry's best and empowering them to continue working in the way which generates success for them. One of the greatest benefits of this approach, is that gives our members the opportunity to learn from one another's drastically varying styles.

RE/MAX also encourages the team concept. We embrace the concept of a Team Leader and Team Members working under our umbrella. Truly encouraging the associate to be in business FOR themselves, but not BY themselves.

It's all about you!!

At RE/MAX we offer you a career path. The system is designed to accommodate all levels of experience. From traditional splits through to industry leading maximum percentages.

Build your own personal profile - not someone else's

Buying and selling property is an intense and emotional experience; it therefore makes sense to put the agent at the forefront and not the brand. This approach strengthens relationships, builds ties with the community and leads to increased opportunity. Since it was founded in 1973, RE/MAX has championed the idea that agents should be able to focus their marketing and advertising materials on building their own personal profile. The result? Sellers who are happier, agents who are fulfilled in their career and offices that are more profitable.

Unrestricted selling area

RE/MAX agents are free to list and sell property anywhere. They are not restricted to selling within the suburb, town, city or even country where their office is located. In conjunction with the expansive international network of RE/MAX members, this provides a fantastic opportunity for ambitious agents to expand their horizons.

Your leads

At RE/MAX, you capture 100% of the lead calls you generate through your advertising efforts. You will promote and advertise your own private (direct) telephone number and direct all incoming calls as you desire. For any calls that come into the main number of the office, trained professional staff will answer those calls and direct them straight to you.

Maximum commission

The RE/MAX system is designed to accommodate the real estate industry's top-performing agents. RE/MAX agents are able to earn the maximum percentage of commission per sale, rather than just only being able to settling with the traditional 50/50 split, or even less, which is offered by most real estate groups. RE/MAX offers you ALL commission options.

To kick start your real estate career, contact Shane McLeod on 0413331945 for a completely confidential discussion about changing the way you've operated forever.

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